Thursday, April 29, 2010

Glucosamine Secrets Revealed

Over the past few months I've conducted my own personal experiment with Glucosamine. When I was 10 years old I injured my hip playing soccer. I'm now 38 and was introduced to Glucosamine in 2000. I played around with a few brands and finally settled on a liquid Glucosamine Supplement 3 years ago. When the bottle went dry, I switched to a pill form to see if there was any remarkable difference. In two weeks time, my hip pain started to return and got progressively worse. I looked at my fitness regimen and anything out of the ordinary that I may have introduced in my diet. Bingo! I switched to the pill form of Glucosamine. I promptly switched back to the liquid supplement and within a week the pain was gone again. Now I know that there are many forms of Glucosamine out there and you may have found one that works for you. If so, that's great. Stay with it. If you are thinking about making Glucosamine part of your daily supplements, try the liquid - You never know. For more information visit and

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