Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sports Injuries: Why Do They Occur?

FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, has published several studies the the causes of soccer injuries. What were the top 3 causes?

1. Number of previous injuries
2. Joint pain
3. Poor warm-up

What is the message here? 
1. COMPLETELY rehabilitate an existing injury. Simply being pain free is NOT good enough!
2. Joint pain - do NOT ignore it! Get it treated quickly. Faster treatment, better recovery.
3. Warm-up - learn a proper warm-up. If you are a baseball player, do NOT throw to warm-up, warm-up BEFORE you throw. It is INCREDIBLE to me that not one soccer coach I have asked has known about the FIFA 11.Click here for the link and use it! This warm-up can be used for any court or field sport athlete. If your child's coach does not know this, please pass it on.

Finally, please schedule an appointment for either yourself or your child for the Functional Movement Screen. This is the screening procedure used by PROFESSIONAL sports teams to analyze the injury risk of their athletes.