Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Montgomery County's injury-prevention guru

Silver Spring-based doctor leads way in preventative care for athletes

A simple jump, said Dr. Steven Horwitz, is one of the most dangerous moves in sports.
On the website for his Silver Spring-based office for preventative care, Capital Sports Injury Center, Horwitz shows a 71-second YouTube video of evidence. He first shows a teenage girl wearing a Bethesda Soccer Club shirt, buckling her knees on a short leap. He then presents a stat: Girls are four-to-six times as likely as boys to injure their anterior cruciate ligaments.
He has the remedy and many others, and the testimonials to prove it. Now, he wants to make them more mainstream.

"You just look at these jumps and you can tell who is at risk for serious injury; it's just a matter of time," said Horwitz, a certified chiropractic sports physician, strength and conditioning specialist. "So many serious injuries can be avoided if the kids were just taught simple things at a young age."