Friday, April 23, 2010


Preparing for participation in any sport is accepted as being essential for improving performance and preventing injuries. The athlete should be able to begin the game or training session totally ready to perform at maximal intensity if required. The dynamic warm-up will transition the athlete from rest to high intensity exercise over a short amount of time. The physiological reasons for warming up are to:

1.Increase core temperature 1º - 2º

2.Increase heart rate and blood flow to muscles

3.Improves oxygen uptake

4.Carbon dioxide and Lactic acid removal

5.Increase activation of the Central Nervous System

6.Improves coordination, skill accuracy, and reaction time

7.Improves concentration

8.Increase the rate and force of muscle contraction

9.Increases contractile efficiency

10.Increases isometric strength and dynamic strength

11.Increase suppleness of the connective tissue

12.Decreases incidence of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries

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