Friday, December 7, 2012

Injury Prevention = Performance: The Functional Movement Screen

What does injury prevention have to do with sports performance? EVERYTHING! 

Here are the take away key points:
  1. Start with the Functional Movement Screen. ALL athletes should be screen first. The strength and conditioning program they perform is built around the results of the FMS.
  2. Build a mobile and stable athlete first.
  3. “Everybody is getting corrective work every day.”
  4. If one athlete has specific issues, that athlete must work on those issues.
  5. “Kids are bigger, faster, stronger, but they move worse.” They all need to work on basic movement patterns like stopping, starting, and changing direction.
  6.  The athletes who score poorly on the FMS are the athletes you see in the training room all the time.
  7. If you want your son or daughter on the court and field, injury prevention is key.
  8.  “Mobility, stability, and movement should supersede their [athletes] strength development in the weight room.”
  9. “The more mobile and more stable they are, the stronger they are going to end up being….”
  10. When a first string athlete gets injured, that effects the entire team. If a top receiver goes down, then a less experienced athlete must move up and may not be ready for the increased workload.
  11. The FMS is used at the NFL combine.
  12. Focus on quality over quantity.

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