Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fate On Your Plate

Fate on Your Plate: The Best Weight Loss and Nutrition for Better Health Program Ever!

Good Sunday Morning!

Yes, I finally can offer all of you the best online nutrition program for all your needs.

Take a look at this demo of the program: CLICK HERE!

I am offering all patients a FREE 14-DAY TRIAL of the Fate on Your Plate Program. If you are not a patient, and you are forwarded this post by a patient or friend of our office, you will be entitled to the same offer.

Just email me back ( with the word SUCCESS I will send you an activation code and the link to the activation page!

Everyone – please email today and get started.

“The solutions are here, they’ve always been here… every single person in the world knows what it is… YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT…FOOD MATTERS”

Here’s how Fate on Your Plate works:

1. You enter your goals and current weight.

2. Enter the foods you eat daily. The data base is enormous and if there is a specific food that is not in the data base, the program pulls up a blank food label and you enter all the data in and the program saves it.

3. The program creates an old fashioned report card grading you A – F on total calories, fat, carbs, protein, cholesterol AND all the vitamins and minerals.

4. If you have a low grade (e.g. a “D” in Magnesium) you click on Magnesium for suggestions of foods to add to your diet to get your Magnesium grade to an A.

5. In addition, you may search the 10s of thousands of report cards with similar goals and caloric needs to see suggestions of how other people got all A’s. You may even specify specific foods. For example, if you are a vegan and only want vegan food choices.

“If we think we are going to go to the doctor and get a pill for everything, we’ve missed the whole point.” Quotes are from the movie trailer for FOOD MATTERS.

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